Executive Director -
Mojgan Zare, MD, MPH

Co- Founder -
Mona Bennett
Mojgan Zare is a medical doctor and health educator who has substantial experience working with HIV, Viral Hepatitis, and substance use patients. Under her leadership, AHRC has become one of the preeminent US-based organizations promoting harm reduction as a mode of working with substance users, and is noted for its capacity building, national conferences, resource development, and policy work.

She is at the forefront of AHRC’s advocacy work and is constantly planning and implementing new programs targeted towards enhancing health outcomes of AHRC’s target populations. Dr. Zare holds a Bachelor’s of Art Degree in History and Biology from University of Maryland in Maryland, Doctor of Medicine Degree from American Global University School of Medicine in Belize, and a Master of Public Health from Walden University in Minnesota.

She holds strong verbal communication skills and experience delivering HIV/STI/Viral Hepatitis prevention programs to at-risk populations.
Mona Bennett is a Co-Founder of AHRC and has worked at the organization since its inception. She attended McNeese State University, Lake Charles, Louisiana and studied the field of Mass Communication from 1982-1988.

She has been an activist in the fields of substance use, HIV, and VH for over twenty years. She has since worked in different roles including program coordinator, Health Educator, and outreach specialist.
She is known for her Harm Reduction strategies nation-wide and has spoken at many events and conferences. She has been involved in many policy work including Georgia 911 Medical Amnesty Law and Naloxone Distribution.

  Program Manager - Verna Gaines-Mathis, BS
Verna Mathis has worked with HIV/AIDS, STIs, viral hepatitis, alcohol, and other drug treatment and criminal justice reform issues for over 15 years. She has been a program manager for nine years working with substance use programs, and has successfully completed training to administer HIV and HCV Counseling, Testing, and Linkage. She has expertise in monitoring and evaluations, quality
assurance, data collection and reporting requirements, and monitoring client records and managing project data. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Psychology from Troy State University in Albany, Georgia.

Administrative Assistant - Sarah Kabani, BS
Sarah Kabani, BS holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Anthropology and Human Biology from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. She has expertise in collecting pertinent project data for Performance Measurement and assisting with preparing materials (including slides, charts and tables) for presentations and meetings. Ms. Kabani has worked
on various administrative and research-related tasks for interventions aimed at improving linkage and retention in HIV, STI, and viral hepatitis prevention and care at AHRC. Ms. Kabani is at the forefront of AHRC’s advocacy work.


  Client Service Manager - Harry Ethridge
Harry Ethridge has worked at AHRC for the past 15 years and oversees the Community Drop-in-Center at AHRC. As the Client Service Manager, he provides clients with information concerning prevention, transmission, and re-infection on HIV, STIs, and HCV. Mr. Etheridge has been trained in and has extensive experience providing crisis intervention and behavior management, intake
assessments and treatment planning and linkage to care. Mr. Ethridge has been the main force in conducting Syringe Exchange at AHRC.

  Lead Linkage Specialist - Elizabeth Marks, LMSW
Elizabeth Marks received her Bachelor’s of Art in Political Science from University of Florida in Coral Gables, Florida in 2007 and master’s of Social Work from Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts in 2013. She is highly trained in HIV and HCV testing and Counseling and is vastly experienced in linking and retaining individuals in
substance use as well as HIV and Viral Hepatitis medical care. She is excellent in identifying and removing barriers that affects retention in care of those who are HIV and HCV positive.

Data Entry Clerk - Lorenzo Faunchez
Lorenzo Faunchez has worked and volunteered with AHRC in different capacities for the past ten years. He is highly trained in HIV and HCV testing and Counseling. He has vast experience in data collection and data gathering. 

Elder Thomas
Elder Leroy Thomas has been serving AHRC as a volunteer for the past 6 years conducting a spiritual Lead group every Tuesdays with more than 30 participants. During the Tuesday group at AHRC, Elder Thomas addresses complex issues such as conflict resolution and anger management.
James Way
James Way has been volunteering at AHRC for 7 years and serves on the Community Advisory Board. Mr. Way is involved in many different capacities including but not limited to outreach, janitorial, and repairs.
Netline Lindsey
Netline Lindsey has been volunteering at AHRC for the past year and is AHRC’s Head Chef. Her meals are prepared according to the food pyramid, providing nutritious meals to our clients.
Ponce Ramsey
Ponce Ramsey has been volunteering at AHRC for the past year and is involved at many different capacities at AHRC including but not limited to direct services, outreach, and customer care. 

Gary Barber
Gary Barber has been serving at AHRC for the past 10 years and also serves on the Community Advisory Board. Mr. Barber is involved in many different capacities including but not limited to outreach and customer care.

Displaying Kelleigh-Trepanier-VOTW-IMG_4850.jpgMs. Kelleigh Trepanier is Associate Director for the Burruss Institute. She earned a M.S. in Psychology from the University of Michigan and completed all requirements but dissertation for a Ph.D. in Education and Psychology. Ms. Trepanier has over 15 years of experience in conducting and supervising program evaluation projects. As the lead evaluator on Burruss Institute staff, she oversees evaluation projects for non-profit organizations and public health agencies including AHRC. She has experience designing evaluation plans, creating logic models, designing and revising survey questionnaires in multiple areas, including public health and education, and multiple modes, managing data collection, conducting analysis, and writing reports. 


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