Testing: Get Tested/Know Your Status
AHRC provides free and confidential HIV and HCV to individuals who are engaged in high-risk activities (Intravenous Drug Users (IDU), Men who have sex with Men (MSM), Survival Sex-workers (SSW), and African American (AA) who are engaged in high risk heterosexual activities) in order to prevent transmission of the virus/es and decrease morbidity and mortality related to HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C. This program helps individuals learn about their status, receive counseling on their high risk behaviors, receive recommendations on preventive methods, and learn to protect themselves and their partners, and more. This program also provides individuals with materials such as condoms and health pamphlets that help in reducing their risk of acquiring HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C. HIV and HCV testing are offered onsite (Monday through Thursday) and offsite through our Mobile Health Unit (Tue, Wed, and Sat).

Linkage: You are Being Linked

Syringe Exchange: Saving Lives, One Person at a Time
If you are interested in acquiring Naloxone (Narcan) rescue kits (at no charge) or you know someone who might need it, please email or call AHRC at 404-817-9994. Kits can also be picked up at our Syringe Exchange Site at the intersection of Joseph E Lowery BLVD and Jett Street in Atlanta, GA.

Healthy Meal Initiative: One Meal, One Lesson, One Healthy Life
The Healthy Meal Initiative (HMI) is a collaborative effort between AHRC and the Community Food Bank in respond to the lack of local access to healthy foods and high rate of HIV/AIDS and HCV in low-income urban communities of color. This program offers brown bag lunches twice a week on the subjects of spirituality and substance use management and a CDC approved evidence-based intervention (Voices/Voces) once a week. The materials discussed during groups help individuals make safer choices in life thereby preventing them from morbidity and mortality associated with high risk behaviors such as conflict and anger, substance use, and HIV/HCV. Lunches provided during groups further help in maintaining a well-balanced, nutritious diet to the participants by providing a variety of nutritious food including meat and vegetables. AHRC’s experienced chef uses the food pyramid in preparing lunch for group participants.
Policy: Together We Can
The Policy program at AHRC uses advocacy and education in bringing awareness to political leaders, communities, organizations, universities, and public on the benefits and importance of harm reduction strategies designed for substance users, sex-workers, former inmates, people living with HIV and/or Hepatitis C, and homeless population. This program works closely with officials, police force, students, and entities in promoting collaborations and legislative changes in the state of Georgia that will protect the rights of AHRC's target population. AHRC firmly believes in equality, social, and racial justice and all its efforts are targeted around such issues.
To learn about AHRC's current Policy activities and to get involved in our work please refer to advocates tab under how you can help link.

Direct Client Services: Welcome Home
The direct services program at AHRC uses a comprehensive approach in removing barriers to poor urban communities by providing access to food, water, telephone, computer, transportation, ID and birth Certificate, hygiene kits, and clothing through our Community Drop-in-Center three times a week. At AHRC we understand that lack of such services is responsible in preventing individuals achieving healthy lives. Our services are free and confidential. Our Drop-in-Center is open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays and always welcomes walk-ins.
Keeping Individual Sex Workers Safe (K.I.S.S.): Kissing Your Problems Away
Keeping Individual Sex-workers Safe (KISS) uses a science and evidence-based approach to effectively reach and impact the lives of at-risk individuals and their family/social network members by addressing the health disparities of individual sex-workers who are engaged in high risk behaviors. This program helps in increasing awareness of personal risk behaviors, providing harm reduction alternatives, and increasing access to bio, psychosocial, and medical services. This program aims at reducing high risk behaviors by engaging sex-workers through consistent outreach and meaningful conversation, education, interventions, and distribution of supplies (condoms, lubricants, hygiene kits, crack pipe holders, pregnancy tests, panties, food, and Marta cards). This program is delivered through AHRC’s Mobile Health Unit (MHU) twice a month in different locations in Atlanta.

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