The Policy Program at AHRC is designed with a focus on mass education, voter registration, legislative advocacy, advocacy leadership, and legal aid to enhance the lives of our community members. With a goal to increase harm reduction awareness, AHRC provides education on syringe services, overdose prevention, decriminalization, criminal justice reform, and removal of stigma messaging to political leaders, communities, organizations, and universities.

This program works closely with officials, law enforcement, students, and entities in promoting collaborations and legislative changes in the state of Georgia that will protect the rights of AHRC’s target populations. Additionally, AHRC focuses on increasing voter’s registeration, introducing bills and resolutions, and enhancing local and state coalition building. 

  • AHRC’s Policy Hours (Located at the Administrative Office): 
    • Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday: 10-5
    • Thursday: 11-6
    • Friday: 10-4

Thinking about hosting a harm reduction education or voter’s registration event at your place or like to join us at our annual harm reduction day at the Capitol?

Call us at 404-817-9994 or email us at policy@ahrc-atl.org to set up an appointment or learn more information. Walk-ins are welcome.

Tell Governor Kemp: Shut Down Georgia TODAY, Save Lives & Stop The Spread Of Covid-19

Call Gov. Brian Kemp. Write letters. Call our federal representatives. 

Flood the phone lines: Gov. Kemp’s office number is 404-456-1776

The governors of thirty-three other states  have taken more action than Georgia’s Gov.Kemp.

Sign the petition to shut Georgia down today!

United States Census 2020

April 1, 2020 is National Census Day.

The national census ensures investments are made in our community and provides a snapshot of who we are.

Have your voice heard today by submitting your responses! 


Important Voter Registration Information

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These are exciting times for AHRC as we continuously grow, develop new programs, identify new partners, and connect with more community members. I hope you will get a sense of our passion, expertise, reliability, and innovative programs as you browse through this website.

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